Time for a change

In August 2016 I moved to a small town in Sweden on the edge of the Arctic Circle. The cold and the eclipse in winter scared me even before I had flown into the North. I had signed a two-year contract with Luleå Hockey. Nevertheless, I would be able to void the contract early in case of not being able to bare the darkness.

Now, after two seasons, I can say that I never thought of returning earlier. Actually, it was quite the opposite: When we had finished the Playoff Games in which we became Swedish Champions, I was not sure if I really wanted to return to Switzerland. I had difficulties making a decision. In winter, Lulea is such a snowy and cold place with a certain magic to it. It is unique to ice-skate on the sea around the city, to experience the fairy-tale atmosphere of the darkness or the long days in summer. This region is surrounded by a certain peace and calmness I don’t experience in Switzerland.

“Lulea is such a snowy and cold place with a certain magic to it.”

I was fascinated by the nature in Luleå just as much as the life of its people. This small town is proud of its top athletes, no matter if they are men or women. The most touching moment of my sports career was when we played in this small town in front of 4500 locals. During the last few minutes before we were crowned with the golden helmet, I was overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude. The whole stadium was giving us a standing ovation. We received recognition and appreciation from the whole city. Never had I ever experienced anything quite like that when playing ice hockey before. Tears of joy kept running down my face. From all sides I was getting congratulations and Swiss friends and family told me that they had followed the whole game in the Coop Arena or on tv.

Now I have been back in Switzerland since the beginning of May. It was very hard to say goodbye to Luleå and all the friends I have made there. Education is the reason why I returned to Switzerland. Before moving to Sweden, I had started a course as a naturopath. Since no educational path like this exists in the North, I knew that sooner or later I would have to return to Switzerland.During the last two years, I have gained tremendous personal experience and I was focusing on an internship in the field of coaching. Through many years of experience in top-class sport, I have already helped many people to achieve a big change in their lives. I enjoyed working with these people so much that I didn’t want to postpone my return any longer. I finally want to manifest my own coaching office. It is time to give wings to my professional dream!

Det är dags för att börja om.

It’s time to have a fresh start.

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